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What is Global Pulse Journal?

AMSA’s Global Pulse Journal was launched in 2005 as a publication for medical students, run entirely by medical students. We are an open-access, ISSN-registered, peer-reviewed publication. Our goal is to discuss challenging subjects in global health.

Global Pulse Journal provides a space for aspiring doctors and other health professionals to share insights, debate important topics, and reflect on eye-opening experiences in global health. Since its inception, Global Pulse Journal has become one of AMSA’s most widely-known projects, with a readership that includes students, doctors, global healthcare advocates, and others around the world.

We encourage our readers to become part of our community by writing for our next issue, commenting on our blog, discussing topics on our Facebook page, following our Twitter account, and contacting us with questions.

Global Pulse Journal is committed to AMSA’s core values of promoting the highest quality of healthcare for our patients, both domestic and foreign; striving towards global health equity; increasing diversity in medicine; and supporting the integrity, professional development, and well-being of young medical professionals. It is guided by the philosophy of respect for human rights in health.

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